Contract Logistics

Contract logistics service provides customers with integrated logistics solutions based on our nationwide air and land networks, rich warehousing experiences, advanced information technology system, efficient quality assurance system, and constant improvement mechanism. Whether you are responsible for designing marketing channel, promotion exhibition, and product, or selecting suppliers, you can concentrate on your core business, without worrying about logistics. Backed by our strong resource management ability and rich experiences, we can satisfy your changing demands for supply chain with reasonable costs and maximal flexibility, and help you create more value.

We provide logistics solutions to customers in Hi-tech, FMCG, Automobile, Pharmacy, Apparel, Retail industries, help to improve the efficiency of milk-run of raw materials, sales logistics, after-sales logistics, sales support logistics, and have been widely recognized by our customers.

Lead Logistics Provider (LLP)

Based on rich network resources and professional logistics experiences, CNPL provides logistics design, consultation for optimizing specific link, and overall logistics outsourcing service, including purchasing process optimization, logistics network design, inventory optimization management, visualization of supply chain and data control.

What we can do:

Provide professional logistics solutions

Optimize procedures to reduce operationalcosts

Optimize inventory to reduce inventory costs

Real-time transmission of data

Inbound Logistics

Milk-run: Based on the comprehensive analysis of customer production plan, production cycle of suppliers and logistics networks, design specified circuit pick-up routes and plans and provide circuit pick-up services for raw material purchase within production flow and technical process, ensuring the JIT supply of raw materials.

VMI: Supported by advanced warehousing information system, provide comprehensive management services for multiple suppliers, including material storage, inventory, ownership, order and capital, in an attempt to realize optimized material storage and seamless connection with JIT.

JIT: Based on the assembly line production plan of customers, station sequencing, logistics demand list, and billboard, realize seamless connection between material warehouse and production line by means of analysis, prediction, supervision and replacement, and provide accurate, effective and express JIT logistics service to customers within 2-4 hours.

Distribution Logistics

Storage and Distribution of Finished Products: Based on national warehouse and regional sorting centers, provide value-added services to customers, such as normal and constant temperature warehouse management, goods inspection, sorting, tallying, packaging and inventory control, warehouse lifespan management, tagging, assembling and scanning.

Transportation and Delivery: Supported by air, land and railway transport networks and seamless distribution network nationwide, establish 24-h, 48-h and 72-h service circling regional central city, and provide effective transportation, delivery and COD services, including door-to-door delivery, store delivery, multi-node delivery, and e-commerce delivery.

Drop-off: Based on customers’ requirements for logistics and the features of sales, providecustomer pickupservice at post offices above county level, and tailored delivery service.

After-sales Logistics

After-sales Parts Storage and Distribution Service: Provide inventory management for aftermarket parts, multi-mode pickup of repairs, packaging and transport service, and establish after-sales supporting logistics platform for customers and consumers.

Call Center Service: Establish call centers customers’ requirements for after-sales service, provide enquiry service about product maintenance or waste recycling, and schedule pickup of repairs and waste materials.

Sales Support Logistics

Promotion/Advertising Product Logistics: Based on customers’ marketing channel and plan, provide storage, transportation, delivery and value-added services for advertising materials, promotional products, gifts, etc.

Sample Exhibition TourLogistics: Provide storage, inspection, transportation and installation service for samples and promotional materials in accordance with customers’ exhibition tour plan.

Returned Logistics: Based on nationwide logistics networks and high-quality call center system, provide reverse logistics for discarded articles, and logistics support to the implementation of social responsibility and environmental protection strategy by customers.

Supply Chain Finance

In cooperation with China Post Savings Bank and other commercial banks, provide the customers with effective logistics services combing capital flow, physical flow and information flow through multiple funding activities such as inventory pledge and warehouse receipt pledge.

Specified Logistics Solution

Cold Chain Logistics: Relying on the rich postal cold chain resources and effective planning and organizing skills, provide renowned fast food enterprises and food companies with single and multiple temperature cold chain transportation and delivery service by utilizing professional cold temperature warehousing and delivery technology.

Exhibition Logistics: Provide exhibitors participating in large-scale exhibitions, especially international jewelry with the following logistics service before and after the exhibition, including warehousing, packaging, domestic transportation, import and export declaration and clearance customs clearance, and loading and unloading during international transportation and exhibition.

Project Logistics: Provide complete logistics services to national or local large projects from receipt of consignment from production factory to delivery and unloading at the construction site, including the management and design of the whole logistics project, transportation, customs clearance, dock management and loading & unloading.

Industry Solutions Hi-tech Industry Solutions

Hi-tech products are characterized by short lifespan, changing price, make-to-order, high requirements for product safety, and high-level after-sales. Our tailored solutions for Hi-tech industry could meet the demands of Hi-tech industry.

Our Advantages:

Fast and reliable delivery to shorten the time for products to reach the market

Compatible with multi-channel marketing model (direct marketing, dealer, shop sales) to cover different consumer groups

Optimize customers’ network structure to rapidly enlarge market shares

Optimize customers’ inventory to reduce inventory costs

Improve reverse logistics to enhance consumers’experience of services promised by the customers

Our Services:

Kernel Service:

Supply Chain Network Plan Warehouse and Distribution Forward Transport Reverse Logistics

Extended Service:

Customized Package Design Picking and Packaging Labeling and Collocation Order Management Inventory Management Inventory Visualization In-transit Tracking Barcode Scan Electronic Return of Receipt

Support Service:

KPI Report Electronic Settlement Electronic Report IT Platform SOP Call Center

Automobile Industry Solutions

Manufacture in automobile industry is based on JIT management model. Final assembly is conducted according to customers’ orders to bring down inventory; raw material inventory costs are reduced through the management of suppliers. Automobile industry also highlights after-sales. Our supply chain solution for automobile industryoffers the customers an overall plan from inbound logistics to after-sales parts logistics.

Our Advantages:

Improve the efficiency of raw material management through supplier management

Optimize transport costs through the design of milk-run and transport routes

Raise operational efficiency through the planning of after-sales parts storage and delivery network

Our Service:

Kernel Service:

Milk-run Supply Chain Consultation Supplier Inventory Management After-sales Parts Storage and Transport In-plant Storage and Delivery Old Parts Recycling

Extended Service:

In-plant Receptacle Management Inventory Management Raw Material Replenishment Sorting and Packaging Order Management Label Printing and Sticking Barcode Scan

Support Service:

KPI Report Electronic Settlement Electronic Report IT Platform SOP

FMCG Industry Solutions

Customers in FMCG industry mainly consist of personal care products, food, tobacco, liquor and beverage. We understand the specific needs of customers and design customized solutions.

We assist customers in adapting to changes. In addition to regional warehousing, dealer delivery, and supermarket delivery, we are also experienced in serving direct marketing customers, and providing them with quick and wide delivery for orders featured by small-batch and large quantities.

We understand the requirements of personal care products, food, liquor and beverage on temperature control warehousing and transport and batch management, and offer customers highly efficient operational plan.

Our Advantages:

Delivery to both urban and rural areas to avoid the losses of sales opportunities due to stockout

Integrated network resources to meet customers’ requirements for logistics during sales season, ensure the stable performance of logistics and reduce the costs and risks of customers.

Professional cold chain transport solution to ensure the quality of products during circulation

Our Service:

Kernel Service:

RDC Network Plan Constant Temperature Warehousing Cold Storage Transport Multi-node Distribution Receptacle Recycling Shop Direct Delivery

Extended Service:

Electronic Label and Voice Recognition Picking In-transit Temperature Control Collocation Packaging Packaging Padding Large-batch Breakup Picking Inventory Configuration Replenishment Barcode Scan Inventory Visualization GPS Supervision Inventory Visualization

Support Service :

KPI Report Electronic Settlement Electronic Report IT Platform SOP

Pharmacy Industry Solutions

Medicine logistics requires warehouse facilities meeting GSP requirements and vehicles meeting requirements for temperature control transport and cold chain transport. The whole process should be consistent with safe, regulatory and traceable requirements of medicine. As the basic medicine system is carried out in China, pharmacy industry attaches more importance to the delivery capability of logistics providers. With the aid of GSP medicine warehouses, temperature control and cold chain transport, and end-to-end visualized tracking system, China Postal Express & Logistics provides the pharmacy industry with medicine raw material milk-run, medicine warehousing and transport, and hospital delivery service,

Our Advantages:

Qualified GSP warehousing capability and experiences

Distribution network meeting requirements of medicine safety and basic medicine system

Professional temperature control transport and cold chain transport solution to ensure the quality of medicine during circulation

Information system meeting pharmacy requirements, integrating warehouse management and transport delivery management, and providing end-to-end visualizationof logistics

Our Service:

Kernel Service:

Truckload Freight and Less-than-truckload Transport (Higher Requirements for Product Collection) of Medicine, Temperature Control Transport, Regenerative Packaging Service, Medicine GSP Warehousing Service, Delivery to Medical Institutions (Small-batch, Large Categories, More Returns), Delivery of Basic Medicine, Drugstore Delivery

Extended Service:

Inventory Management Order Fulfillment GPS Supervision Inventory Visualization

Support Service:

KPI Report Electronic Settlement Electronic Report IT Platform SOP

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